What is PRE-SALE

Understanding PRE-SALE:

PRE-SALE allows customers to purchase products before they are made. These items are not ready for immediate dispatch and require production time.

This approach ensures that our clients can be among the first to acquire our latest offerings and receive them promptly post-production.

*When you see the title of a product with [Pre Order], it means that the product is on pre-sale.

How long will PRE-SALE products be shipped?

The delivery time of PRE-SALE products depends on the craftsmanship and style of it. Different styles and craftsmanship have different production cycles.

Usually, it can be shipped within 10 - 30 working days

  • The following are some common types with a longer production cycle and the corresponding delivery timeliness:

Product Type Production Time
Denim products Regular styles 20 days
Complicated styles: stitching, tassel, denim with beads, etc. 30 days
Woolen products Ordinary woven products 15 days
Handmade crochet products 25 days
Sequin products 25 days















When can I receive the parcel?

The Total Delivery Time for PRE-SALE Products = Production Time + Shipping Time.

Usually, the shipping time for the USA is 7-20 days.


*Contact our customer service: support@cherley.com